Construction and Remodel Plan Review

Licensing Your Food Establishment

Here are the steps outlining the process to obtain a license for your facility.  

New and Remodeled Establishments

Any time new construction occurs or changes are made to a food establishment, a plan review must be completed.  Call 763-324-4260 to speak with a department representative and to receive a Plan Review Application. A complete set of plans must be submitted 30 days before construction or remodeling begins; view the Plan Review Guidelines. Plans must include the following: 

  1. One set of plans (total room layout, exterior dining, garbage and refuse areas, plumbing and mechanical plans, (ventilation and make-up air)
  2. Proposed menu
  3. Food Safety Plan (plan showing how food will be handled from receipt until served-procedures to insure safe food)
  4. Equipment layout
  5. Manufacturer specification sheets for all food, beverage and hot water generating equipment, including shelving for walk in refrigeration and storage areas
  6. Room finish schedule
  7. Water Supply Information
  8. Sewage Disposal Information
  9. Submit the application and applicable license fee to the department.
  10. Contact the city for information regarding proper permits and inspections required for your restaurant.