Case Management Provider Options

What is a case manager?

A case manager is someone that helps people access services and resources based on their assessed needs as determined by the MnChoices Assessment. The MnChoices Assessment is scheduled and completed by the Long Term Services and Supports unit. Please visit How to Get Started | Anoka County, MN - Official Website ( to learn more. 

To find out more about programs available in Minnesota, please visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual. MN DHS CBSM

Please review the information under each provider and notify your assessor (not the case management provider) what agency you request, if you have a preference. Agency preference will be considered, but it is not guaranteed. 

Assignment of a case management provider is the responsibility of the Anoka County Disability and Aging Services unit.

Would you like a change in case manager?

Contact your case manager to request a change in case management, or ask to speak to the case manager’s agency supervisor. They can start the process of connecting you to a case manager that better meets your needs. They will also be able to work with other Anoka County case management agencies if you feel a new agency would be a better option. Following person-centered practices, Anoka County Disability and Aging Services strives to accommodate specific case manager requests, whenever possible.

Case Management Options

Accord_Logo_Tagline_RGB final Opens in new windowServing people eligible for CADI & BI Waivers.
For more than 50 years, Accord has been helping people live their greatest lives and achieve their dreams through person-centered disability services. Our case managers work with people of all ages to meet their individual needs, implementing individual service plans, arranging waiver-eligible services, consulting and advocating on behalf of the individual, and accessing health care providers, education resources, and social services. 

MNBIA Logo 2-color-RGB Opens in new windowServing people eligible for Rule 185 Case Management and DD, CADI & BI Waivers. 
First formed as an advocacy organization, the Alliance has over 35 years of experience in serving individuals with a wide range of cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities. We began providing contracted case management services in 2004 and strive to enhance the quality of life for every child and adult we serve through a person-centered approach.

Meridian Services Opens in new windowServing people eligible for Rule 185 Case Management and DD Waiver.
Meridian Services has served people with disabilities, those with mental health issues, the elderly and their families for a quarter of a century. Our mission is to provide services of the finest quality, so that those we serve will be able to realize their dreams. To achieve our mission, we are dedicated to valuing creativity, seeking innovative practices, and achieving expertise. Meridian’s goal is to provide high quality support services and to assure that needs of individual consumers are being met.

MORA Logo Opens in new windowServing people eligible for DD, CADI, BI, EW & AC Waivers. 
Compassionate and qualified services that launch from individuals' unique strengths and personal goals. We sensitively assess health and safety needs and become vocal advocates for individuals and families/guardians. MORA is currently serving over 1500 individuals in Hennepin, Dakota, Anoka and Goodhue counties. Our experienced, diverse, and collaborative team emphasizes person-centered care.


People Incorporated Logo Opens in new windowServing people eligible for CADI & BI Waivers.
People Incorporated was founded in 1969 on the belief that those living with mental illness could be 'incorporated' back into society, and society itself could be incorporated into efforts to support these individuals who are most vulnerable and in need of care. Since then, People Incorporated has been committed to supporting mental health and wellness in communities through collaboration, integration of care, and training.

SLS logo Opens in new windowServing people eligible for CADI, BI, EW & AC Waivers.
At Supportive Living Solutions (SLS) we are committed to improving the quality of life of our clients and community, and our core beliefs shape everything we do; every person matters, everyone deserves our best, and we want the world to be better because we were here. Backed by more than 175 team members, SLS serves the unique needs of thousands of individuals through disability and mental health services. Our case managers provide resources and collaborative guidance for clients with a focus of empowering individuals to be in the "driver's seat" of their care. 

Thomas Allen Opens in new windowServing people eligible for Rule 185 Case Management, DD, CADI, BI, EW & AC Waivers.
Thomas Allen Inc. has been a leader in the field of Case Management Services for more than 30 years and has built a reputation for providing high quality services. Thomas Allen’s commitment to each person we serve is to build a person-centered relationship based on respecting the dignity and worth of all people. Thomas Allen is always dedicated to the delivery of respectful and responsive services.