MnCHOICES Assessment

What is it?

A MnCHOICES assessment is an in-person visit that can assist in determining an individual's eligibility for home and community based services. 

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A certified assessor can assist you in making decisions about the supports and services that will help you stay in the community, while also focusing on your needs and preferences. The assessment is of no cost to you and usually occurs where you are living - it will be scheduled within 20 calendar days from the date you agree to be assessed.  

Do I qualify?

All Minnesota residents are eligible for a MnCHOICES assessment. However, many of the programs and services available require a disability certification and/or eligibility for Medical Assistance (MA). View more to learn more about your MA eligibility status.

Why do I need it?

A MnCHOICES assessment serves as the front door for all home and community based services through Anoka County. A certified assessor can also educate you about other supports and programs available, regardless if you are eligible for publicly-funded programs.

How do I request a MnCHOICES assessment?

You, or a representative who can speak on your behalf, can contact our Long Term Services and Supports Intake line at 763-324-1450. You can also submit a referral by completing the MnCHOICES Referral Form (PDF) and faxing or emailing it to our office.

How can I prepare?

It may be helpful to determine MA eligibility prior to the assessment visit, however is not mandatory. Think about what is important to you including hopes/dreams, employment interests, hobbies, and challenges or barriers you have in completing your goals if applicable. A certified assessor may also ask you for a current list of medications and health care providers.

What else can I expect during the assessment?

A certified assessor will conduct a MnCHOICES assessment in your home, nursing facility, or other community setting if preferred. They will need a comfortable place to sit and a table to work at, as the assessment is completed on their computer. Individuals being assessed may invite family members or friends to be present at their assessment. Most visits require an average of two hours and interpreters are available upon request.

Need more information? View MnCHOICES Fact Sheet