Travel Training

Let us take you there 

This tag line of Anoka County Transit welcomes residents to ask for help getting around the County.  Using the available transportation options can be intimidating.   Let us answer your questions and provide training to help you get to a medical appointment, the grocery store or various other destinations using options you may or may not know exist.    

How we can help. 

  1. Phone Consulting

    • Explaining to a person how to use transit or what their specific route would involve.  
  2. Classroom Training

    • Providing an in-person or virtual presentation that explains what transit options are in the Anoka County region.  
    • Ability to offer this service as a Lunch & Learn event.
  3. In-Person Training

    • Providing an in-person training where we can demonstrate how to use public transit. 

Different modes of transportation.

  1. Transit Link & Metro Mobility

    • Learn more about these accessible buses that can pick up you or your group for a grocery or any other kind of run.
  2. Medlink

    • Learn how seniors that are 60+, veteran’s or clients of the county can get to medical or social service appointments.
  3. Regular Route Bus

    • Learn about buses that run on a regular route and schedule that can take you to destinations on the route or transfer to another.  For example, seniors travel for $ 1 during non-rush hours and if you hop on the bus to return within 2.5 hours your return is free
  4. Northstar Commuter Rail

    • Learn about the train and getting from Big Lake to downtown Minneapolis.
  5. Commute Solutions

    • Learn about alternatives to getting where you need to be other than a single occupancy vehicle.
      • Walking
      • Biking
      • Carpool/Vanpool

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