ACCFC Presence In the Community

The Anoka County Children and Family Council builds bridges and networks between people and agencies who share a vision of a healthy community for children and families. An annual budget provides financial support for collaboration.

Partnership Grants

Grants of up to $50,000 are awarded to Council partners through a competitive annual process, with a total of $350,000 budgeted in 2022-2023. All grants support collaborative efforts involving Council members and multiple community partners.

School Site Funds

The 7 school districts in Anoka County share approximately $137,000 which are designated as site funds. Site funds are flexible dollars schools can use to improve family and educational functioning while fostering a safe and stable environment for children, ages pre-kindergarten through 18. The priority is basic and emergency family needs, like rent, utilities, medications, and school supplies. Funds are also used for special programming such as summer offerings for underserved kids. It’s up to the school districts to determine how to best use the funds, within the federal guidelines of prevention and intervention.

Community Asset Funds

Mental health and concerns for immigrants and refugees have been consistent themes in the Council’s 20 years of working with schools and communities. The Community Asset Fund (CAF) was created in 2007 to bring people from a variety of disciplines and organizations together to target these persistent issues by building on strengths in the community.