Renewal of Registration Stickers

Minnesota Vehicle Registration Stickers can be renewed in all five of the Anoka County License Centers or by Drop Box.

What You Need to Renew Registration Stickers

To renew registration stickers in person, you will need to bring in your renewal notice mailed to you by the State of Minnesota or your driver's license or ID. Effective January 1, 2016, per Minnesota Statutes 2014, Section 169.798 ,Subd.4  Every owner applying for a self-propelled motor vehicle or motorcycle/moped registration, re-registration, or transfer of ownership must provide proof of insurance. Required insurance information includes the insurance company’s name, the policy number and the policy expiration date for the motor vehicle or motorcycle. If your renewal notice is lost or you did not receive one, please bring in vehicle information such as your plate number and/or VIN.

Please note:

Anoka County does not collect Wheelage Tax on vehicles kept in Anoka County. If you live in Anoka County and keep your vehicle(s) at home when not in use or have a business in Anoka County and keep your vehicle(s) at your business during non-working hours, you are not required to pay Wheelage tax. If these conditions apply and your renewal notice shows a charge for Wheelage Tax, please visit any license center, they will be able to remove this fee from your total due.

Renewing Someone Else's Registration Stickers?

Please bring in the renewal notice mailed to the owner from the State of Minnesota or a signed permission slip from the owner. Without one of those items, we will not be able to sell registration stickers to a non-owner due to data privacy laws.