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At the Anoka County Highway Department, it is our vision to enhance and protect life by providing safe roads and eliminating traffic congestion; however, in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and to protect our customers and employees, Anoka County has closed all its public-facing services until further notice.

  1. Joe MacPherson, P.E.

    Chief Officer, Transportation & County Engineer

  2. Amy Honer

    Department Director, Transportation Operations

  1. Jerry Auge, P.E.

    Department Director, Assistant County Engineer

  2. Chris Osterhus

    Manager, Engineering, Construction

  3. Jason Orcutt

    Senior Manager, Highway Programs

  4. Nicholas Dobda, P.E.

    Manager, Engineering, Design

  1. Susan Anderson

    Right of Way Specialist

  2. Hilary Dischinger

    Right-of-Way Specialist

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  1. Kiel Ruberg

    Inventory Control Specialist

  1. Susan Burgmeier

    Traffic Technician

  1. Jack Forslund

    Senior Transportation Planner

  1. James Plemon

    Senior Manager, Road Maintenance

  2. Kris Holzknecht

    Manager, Road Maintenance

  3. Phil Faulhaber

    Manager, Road Maintenance

  1. Sean Thiel

    Manager, Engineering, Signals

  2. Tom Hornsby

    Manager, Traffic Signs