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At the Anoka County Highway Department, it is our vision to enhance and protect life by providing safe roads and eliminating traffic congestion; however, in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and to protect our customers and employees, Anoka County has closed all its public-facing services until further notice.

  1. Joe MacPherson P.E.

    County Engineer
    Phone: 763-324-3199

  2. Amy Honer

    Operations Manager
    Phone: 763-324-3178

  1. Jerry Auge P.E.

    Assistant County Engineer
    Phone: 763-324-3103

  2. Chris Osterhus

    Construction Engineering Supervisor
    Phone: 763-324-3189

  3. Jason Orcutt

    Program Delivery Manager
    Phone: 763-324-3115

  4. Nicholas Dobda P.E.

    Design Engineering Supervisor
    Phone: 763-324-3118

  1. Susan Anderson

    Right of Way Specialist
    Phone: 763-324-3198

  2. Hilary Dischinger

    Right-of-Way Specialist
    Phone: 763-324-3163

  3. Larsya Matzek

    Right-of-Way Specialist
    Phone: 763-324-3148

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  1. James Newman

    Inventory Control Technician
    Phone: 763-324-3167

  1. Sue Burgmeier

    Traffic Engineering Technician
    Phone: 763-324-3176

  1. Jack Forslund

    Transportation Planner
    Phone: 763-324-3179

  1. Jim Plemon

    Maintenance Superintendent
    Phone: 763-324-3137

  2. Kris Holzknecht

    Assistant Maintenance Superintendent
    Phone: 763-324-3155

  3. Phil Faulhaber

    Assistant Maintenance Superintendent
    Phone: 763-324-3133

  1. Jane Rose

    Traffic Engineering Manager
    Phone: 763-324-3131

  2. Tom Hornsby

    Signs Supervisor
    Phone: 763-324-3156